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Do it Yourself or Hire a Contractor?

When it comes to home remodeling, home homeowners always wonder weather to attempt a DYI or hire a contractor. Calling in a professional contractor is, for many homeowners a smart decision.  Many individuals have gone through major headache and expense just to realize that fixing the pluming was not as simple as previously thought.   Thus, as a homeowner if you are trying to decide whether to hire home improvement contractors, below are some points to assist you in making the right choice

Does The Home Repair or Improvement Require a Permit?
Major home renovations such as those that requires alterations to the structure of your home or various electrical and plumbing require that you obtain a permit.   Thus, you need to know building codes so that your improvements and additions are compliant  with  the code.  In such situations it is well advised that you seek the help of home improvement contractors to complete the job. The reason could be safety as well as compliance with building code.  It is well advised that you always call in a competent electrician to take care of the wiring.

Do I have The Skills and Expertise to Complete The Project?
You really need to be frank with yourself and not let your decision be influenced by your ego as here where many homeowners fall over their head.  Assess the project that needs completion and  yourself if you have the skills and expertise along with time and patience to complete the project well.  Just doing the work is not what you should look at but doing it well.  If you do not have the required skill or have not performed similar task in the past, then it is good idea to give the project to the experts.

patience and doing the task well is another important factor that you must consider.  If you do not fix a plumbing problem properly, it could lead to future problems or leaks that  can damage your property and furniture.  Plumbing is a special trade and if you do not have the required patience or skill, it is best to call a plumber.  If the job is simple but you don’t think you have the time or patience, then look for a good handyman to help out.

Quality matters
One of the main reasons for remodeling is to make your home more attractive. Thus the question is not whether you can simply finish the project but whether you can achieve high quality; after all this is the reason for your remodeling decision in the first place.  For each task you should select a home improvement contractor that is skilled in that area.  For instance call a roofer to do your roofing, and flooring installer to install your hardwood floors.

Set A Budget
One of the most important aspects of home remodeling is budgeting.  You need to know what you can actually afford before deciding to move on with the renovation project.  Also remember that if your skills and knowledge is not up to par for completing a project, you could actually save money by hiring a skilled contractor.   Yes! You could save money by hiring a skilled contractor instead of doing the work yourself and find out that that it was not done correctly so that you have to tear down the work done and do it over again.  Don’t forget that time is money.

It could cost you a lot more if you do not perform a job correctly as you would wast time, material and money tearing down and redoing a poorly finished job. This is the most common mistake that homeowners make when approaching renovations projects they have never done before.

After setting your budget you need to determine by getting price quotes from various professional as to what you can afford.  As mentioned earlier, you need to hire a skilled professional for each trade.  To help with your budget, you can assign the easier task to a handyman as their rate is lower than a skilled contractor.