Tips for a keeping your home safe and dry this winter

November 27, 2013 · Filed under: Air Quality, Attic, Home Maintenance, Weatherproofing, Windows, Winterization  

home winterization(BPT) – Freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall are in store for much of the country this winter, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, and that means homeowners need to start taking immediate steps to ensure that their loved ones and property stay safe and warm through the long, cold months ahead.
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Learn more about the nation’s most popular siding material

November 26, 2013 · Filed under: Curb Appeal, Energy Efficiency, Exterior, Exterior Finishes, Vinyl Siding  

vinyl siding(BPT) – While vinyl siding has historically been the most-used siding material in the U.S., its continuing advancements are allowing even more choice when it comes to two critical qualities desired by homeowners: outstanding curb appeal and low maintenance.
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Why exterior trim is a key part of home remodeling

September 18, 2013 · Filed under: Exterior, Exterior Finishes, Trim  

exterior trim(BPT) – With the leaves continuing to fall, now is a great time to tackle home improvement projects that will add value and beauty to your home. A quick review of your exterior trim is a perfect place to start.
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Kitchen remodeling 101: Making the space your own

September 9, 2013 · Filed under: Home Remodeling, Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Remodeling  

kitchen remodeling(BPT) – There is a lot to think about when remodeling your kitchen. You want to design a kitchen that reflects your taste and style, which you’ll love for years to come. Whether you’re designing for yourself or for resale, the key to success is to embrace timelessness. That doesn’t mean sacrificing personality for a neutral palette, though. Quite the opposite.
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Simple designer tricks for creating a stunning master bedroom

September 5, 2013 · Filed under: Bedroom, Bedroom Decorating, Flooring, Home Decorating  

bedroom design(BPT) – It’s the place where you wake each day, rest your head each night, and go to when you need to escape the stress of daily life. If there’s one room in the house that should be a personalized retreat for homeowners, it’s the master bedroom. And with a few simple tips from design experts, you can easily take your master bedroom from boring to beautiful and add to your home’s overall value.
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Fall lawn tips that keep your yard looking great year-round

September 4, 2013 · Filed under: Curb Appeal, Garden, Landscaping  

fall Lawn Care(BPT) – Falling temperatures and shorter days don’t mean you can retire from lawn care for the year. In fact, the fall season is a critical time to nourish lawns and care for plants so they can survive winter and emerge even more vibrant when next spring arrives.

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Energize your home’s exterior with vibrant colors

August 28, 2013 · Filed under: Curb Appeal, Exterior, Exterior Finishes, Painting  

Home Exterior Painting(BPT) – Chances are you’ve thought about adding a splash of color to the exterior of your home, and you’re not the only one. Many people have the same idea, but they don’t act because they’re worried they will choose poorly. Selecting the wrong color for your home’s exterior isn’t only costly, it’s embarrassing as well.
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The top home decorating trend: Infusing natural elements into the decor

August 23, 2013 · Filed under: Flooring, Home Decorating, Home Decorating Ideas, Kitchen  

home decorating trend(BPT) – Nature is bringing a breath of freshness into home decorating, but it’s more than just incorporating flowering pots or opening windows. The latest home decorating trend features natural elements in the textures and finishes of furniture and accessories, giving homeowners an elegant – and often calming– result of blending nature and home living into a beautiful space.
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Tips to improve your indoor air quality

August 1, 2013 · Filed under: Air Quality, HVAC system, Moisture Control, Ventilation  

Indoor air quality(BPT) – You pride yourself on keeping a clean home. The laundry is washed, the dishes are dry and the den where the children built their pillow fort has been restored to sanity. You’ve been vigilant about cleaning up the messes you can see, but what about the messes you can’t? What are you doing to improve the air quality in your home?
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What’s the finishing touch on a low maintenance home? The trim

July 26, 2013 · Filed under: Curb Appeal, Exterior, Exterior Finishes, Roofing, Trim  

(BPT) – These days, free time is an increasingly endangered phenomenon. That’s why today’s homeowners are all in favor of spending less weekend time maintaining their homes. Vinyl siding and windows have long been common home features for just that reason. Today, the latest trend is maintenance-free trim.
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